Unrivaled Mage
6 My Sisters A Monster
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Unrivaled Mage
Author :MrSunni
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6 My Sisters A Monster

Zero immediately asked Zofia " Zofia why do I not know who she is?" " Host has yet to completely assimilate previous owners memories." she replied. " Zofia please assimilate all memories regarding the previous body owners sister please." he told Zofia. " Request acknowledge. Task will be completed in. 150 seconds." she replied. " Zero what happened to you?" His sister said in a low tone as she slowly approached from behind the counter and examined her brother. " Umm, I got stuck in the forest with a few dire wolves and the weren't very friendly." Zero smiled as he walked slightly forward. " Well the doctor is currently busy but I can apply some first aid until he's free." His sister walked him over to a chair nearby and sat him down. She looked at him gently and smiled. Zero felt a sense of warmth and love coming from his "sister" and he was hoping the assimilation would finish so he could converse with her properly. She went to his shoulder and began to apply some first aid. " So tell me brother." She began to say in a very sweet tone, but then she changed her tone. " Why have you been gone for so long." she said with malice and she applied pressure onto his wound.

Zero couldn't help but lean forward from the pain but was "guided" back into his seat for more "treatment". "Jeezzz. This woman's is interagating me. Oh no please don't tell me in this world my sister is a monster." Zero thought in his head. " I'm very sorry my dear sister I've had business to handle." he said with pain in his voice. " Your business didnt happen to involve a bunch of drinking did it?" she said applying even more pressure. " No no no no, of course not it was work related my dear sister." he tried to satisfy the woman currently holding him hostage. "Please hurry with the process Zofia, so I can figure out what the hell this guy did to counter this woman". Zero thought in his head. " You shouldn't be gone for so long at a time Zero." She said as she released his shoulder. " Ela misses you." his sister said as a ping went off in his head. "Memories assimilated. Younger sisters name is Kristine. Nickname Kris. Host currently resides with her as you go from odd job to odd job. Host usually doesn't return and spends most on drinking and is brought back and taken care of by younger sister. She is also the care taker of Host daughter named Ela." As Zero heard this his eyes widened and became wet. He stared at the ground remembering these memories. " Zofia assimilate all memories on Ela and her mother as top priority." Zero looked up as he sent Zofia the message. Zero wouldn't let it happen again. Zero wasn't going to her go..

Sometime and somewhere in Zeros original universe.

"..... but when are you going to take me back to the zoo?" A little green eyed 9 year old girl said this as she approached Zero. " Elly baby we talked about this. daddy just has to finish up some work this week and well go as many times as you want." Zero said speaking to his daughter. " Baby go get ready for school, your daddy is getting ready too." A blonde green eyed woman said as she rounded the corner into their kitchen. Zero smiled as she approached. " Why hello there beautiful, are you lost?" he smiled seductively as he approached her. She immediately smiled back and placed a finger over his lips " Slow your roll cowboy. You have to get outta here so you can finish up your work." she said as she moved her finger and gave him a quick peck. " oh come on that's all I get" Zero said disappointed. His wife smiled as she continued to pack her daughters things. The happy family finished up their morning routine. Elly lead her father out the door as she said. " Come on daddy were gonna be late." " Slow down baby." Zero said as he followed his daughter down the drive way. " Daddy has to keep his promise." she said as she approached the other vehicle next to Zeros. " Of course daddy will be back in a couple days and well go wherever you want." Zero told her as he tossed some stuff in his trunk. He finished putting in his stuff and turned to his daughter. " Come here elly." he gestured for his daughter to come over. Elly approached her father. Zero held up his pinky. Elly smiled and connected her pinky. " I promise" he said. " I promise" Elly said. They smiled and hugged as Elly walked back to the other car. Zero wife walked up to Zero. "Please, finish your contract with these guys and get out of that business. You don't need to be a mercenary anymore please Zero " she frowned slightly looking at her husband. " Ana I swear after this job I'm done. no more jobs. no more long weeks. well have enough saved to live our peaceful life." Zero convinced her as he smiled and placed his hand on her cheek. Ana smiled and wiped away a tear. " Okay baby time for school." she said as she walked away from Zero. Zero watched as they pulled out from the drive way and smiled knowing he would be free from the dark world he had been apart of so long.

Later, Zero returned home and walked in the front door. Placed his keys down, hung up his jacket and went to the fridge. He pulled out something to drink when he felt a unsteady feeling in his heart. He set down the jug and walked up the stairs quickly. He made his way to his daughter's bedroom only to find it empty. He knew this late at night he would find her here and only here. He ran towards his own bedroom when he pushed open the door he saw a video storage device. When he picked it up all he saw was "Watch Me"...

Zero ,back in Agartha, had flashbacks of slaughtering everyone involved with the deaths of his family. He knew he had to protect and care for this girl named Ela. Better than he did his original Ela, because to him they were now one and the same.


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