Unrivaled Mage
7 Meeting Ela
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Unrivaled Mage
Author :MrSunni
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7 Meeting Ela

Zero looked up and smiled at Kristine. " Kris, im sorry for being gone these past few days. Ill make it up to you guys okay." Zero said to Kristine. She smiled but gave the type of smile as if she had heard this line multiple times before. " Look is there anything you guys need right now? I might be able to help with some expenses." Zero said taking out his remaining amount of gold. Kristine looked at him in disbelief. " Zero where did you get all of this?" she asked him with a large look of surprise. Just as Kristine wanted to find out the origin of the money the doctor walked out from the backroom.

"Kristine I need you to give this patient some medicinal pills to help his recovery and make an appointment a month from now for a follow-up." A tall slender man with dark hair said as he walked out with a mask covering his mouth. " Yes, doctor let me get right on that." Kristine said as she put the money in her pocket and proceeded behind the desk. " Doctor you also have a new patient here waiting to have his wounds received from a pack of dire wolves examined." The doctor took a moment to look at zero and nodded. " You can meet me in the back room in a moment let me finish checking out this patient." Zero nodded his head and waited to be signaled back into the operating room.

In the operation room. " Looks like the wounds are pretty deep, ill have to use a higher tier of healing magic. Itll cost you a little more but they will heal a lot faster with less feeling slowing you down later." The doctor explained as he examined Zeros wounds. Zero nodded his head he was sure with the exp he earned he could afford a few gold for this operation. Things proceeded smoothly and the doctor finished withing half an hour. " As zero was getting up he felt the bandages wrapped around his shoulder across his chest to keep his wound clean. as he saw his torn silver shirt he was reminded of an orange haired character with torn black robes from a TV show he saw in his original world.

Zero got up and proceeded to walk out with the doctor. " Before you leave take some medicinal pills and schedule a follow up 2 weeks from now." Zero nodded as he paid the doctor. Zero walked up to Kristine and said " Kristine can you take me to see Ela." Kristine frowned. The doctor interjected " Hey it's already past sunset we can close up shop, and I should be able to handle things here while you head out." Kristine smiled as she looked at her boss. Zero looked at the doctor and nodded in a thank you gesture. The doctor just smiled back.

Kristine led Zero out the front door. As zero walked out he felt that he should look into the sky. As he looked up he stopped in his tracks and saw the beautiful skies. The lights streaked with green and purple. so many stars and nearby planets filled the sky. Zero was stuck looking at this majestic view. Kristine was walking and stopped when she didnt hear Zero moving. She saw him standing in place and grabbed his hand to drag him along. Zero regained his sense and continued walking.

As they made their way through town the area around them became more run down. They finally arrived at a shack that looked to fit two people. Zero was pained to see this. His one fear was not being able to provide for his daughter and as he saw this view his heart was pained. Kristine noticed this look in his eyes and just looked away towards the door. She opened it and scanned the room for Ela. As she opened the door a little girl jumped down from a bed and said " Aunt Elly!" excitedly as she ran towards Kristine. Kristine smiled as she bent down to hug the little girl. All the while Zero stood in the door way looking at the little girl holding back tears. She stood there hugging his sister with bright blue eyes and dark hair, and she looked exactly like his daughter ,in his other life, besides those features. Zero stood still watching his beautiful daughter. Ela finally opened her eyes to look at the man in the door way. She gave the man a puzzled look. Zero took in a deep breath. "Daddy." Ela said. Zero heard this voice and it was like the Angel's sang and the dams broke as tears began to roll down his eyes. "This.. This is my daughter in this world." Zero felt something he had not felt in a long time. That feeling was true happiness..


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