Unrivaled Mage
8 Struggle
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Unrivaled Mage
Author :MrSunni
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8 Struggle

Ela was the most beautiful little girl and Zero could feel his emotions synchronizing with the previous body owners emotions for this little girl. He felt he had to protect this girl because this was his daughter now. Zero smiled at Ela and opened up his arms. She walked forward and embraced the man she knew as her father. She didnt know he was a completely person but she loved this man regardless. Zero smiled as he felt such a warm embrace.

The happy moment only lasted so long when there was a loud banging at the door. " Open up!" a loud voice bellowed on the other side of the door. Zero immediately frowned and looked at his sister Kristine. " Zero please hide in the back they don't allow us to have more than 2 people here especially at this time of night. The owner is very strict but he charges very little you know." Kristine said as she looked slightly down at the ground. Zero felt sorry. Sorry he couldn't be there for them. Sorry for having them where they were today. " Zofia is there any skill I can use to hid my presence." zero thought as the situation called for a stealth option. " Yes but it will cost 500 exp does host wish to continue?" zofia said. "Confirm" zero said with hurt in his heart as he saw his newly earned exp disappear again. " Acknowledge. Cloaked skill now active for use. duration 10 mins and can distinguish presence from up to one realm above users level." Zofia explained. Zero walked to the back of the room and activated his cloaked skill.

Kristine watched as Zero disappeared with some surprise but turned away to open the door. Kristine opened the door and said, " Good evening Mr. Rome how are you? " Cut the bullshit some of the neighbors told me they saw a man come in here to stay with you. If so you need to pay rent for 3 people and get it approved by me first!" Mr. Rome said angrily. " No Mr. Rome it was just a visitor nobody is staying here I understand your worry but there is no one here." Kristine said. " If so you wouldn't mind me walking through to double check your statement." he said walking with his hands behind his back as if he was some high standing general. " Its getting late Mr. Rome you wouldn't really want to waste your time." Kristine said. Mr. Rome turned and said in a low voice " I don't mind at all.." as he continued to walk the area. Mr. Rome walked the room and made his way to the back. He looked around searching for Zero but zeros cloaked ability worked so it seemed this man was at least condensed realm or below. Mr.Rome made his way over to Elas bed and smiled wickedly. " Well hello beautiful. I hope you are doing alright." he said as he began to run his dark hand through the young girls hair.

Zero saw this and clenched his fist. He felt anger towards this man for putting his family in such a position. Mr.Rome chuckled as Ela said " I've been good Mr.Rome." with a half smile half frown. Mr.Rome smiled and said " Good, very good. you'll grow up to be a big beautiful girl." as he stroked he cheek softly and began to walk away. Zeros anger was at a boiling point but he took a breath to keep himself from jumping at this man. Mr.Rome made his way out of the room and towards the door. "Please refrain from having visitors so late at night." he said to Kristine as he made his way out the door. " Have a good night Mr.Rome." Kristine said with a fake smile.

Kristine closed the door and turned around letting out a large sigh. Zero released his cloaked skill and walked up to kneel in front of Ela. Kristine looked at then both with a sad expression. " Honey I'm sorry I've been in and out so much. Daddy will make sure our lives are better. Nobody needs to struggle anymore. I'll make things better okay." Ela smiled "okay daddy" she nodded as she hugged Zero. Kristine smiled as she heard he brother say this to Ela. She hadn't heard him so sincere and motivated in a very long time.

Zero got up from next to Ela and walked towards Kristine. "Kristine please get yourselves somewhere better soon okay." zero said as he walked over to Kristine. " Zofia is there any items I can use to keep track of my family?" he thought to Zofia. "Yes, low level tracking equipment can be purchased for 50 exp points. Host currently has 80 exp points left." Zofia said. "Purchase two please, and yes I know ill pay interest later." zero thought in his head dissatisfied with having no more exp. Two rings popped into Zeros inventory.

Zero reached into his pocket and pulled the two rings. " Here put this on, so I know where you guys are okay." Zero placed the ring in her hand. it was a simple silver band engraved on the inside with small words. He then turned to Ela " here baby daddy has a present for you okay." Ela perked up hearing the word present. " Heres your gift never, ever take this off okay." zero said as he placed the ring on her little finger. The ring slid onto her finger and shrunk down. Elas eyes widened as she witnessed the magic performed in front of her. "wow". Zero smiled and said " Ela promise me you'll never take it off okay." he held up his pinky. Ela looked at him confused. Zero noticed and said. " Here give me your little finger and connect it with mine." as he grabbed her pinky. "Now this promised is sealed forever okay." zero smiled as he looked at his daughter. She smiled back.

Zero got up as he walked back to Kristine. " Hey I have to go for a little while now okay." Kristine immediately frowned again. Zero looked at Kristine " hey look, I'll be back sooner this time okay." Kristine gave him a disapproving look. "where are you going now?" she asked her brother. Zero stared at Kristine and said three words. " To get stronger."


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