Unrivaled Mage
9 Iron Dragon Academy
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Unrivaled Mage
Author :MrSunni
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9 Iron Dragon Academy

Zero took a step into the cold night. He looked up again and was still dazzled by the night sky. " Zofia are is there anywhere I can go to learn how to become stronger?" Zero asked her. "The is a nearby academy for martial arts. it is know as the Iron Dragon Academy where the top martial artist are trained in the silver kingdom." Zofia replied. "Take me there." zero said. " Head 2.4 km northwest."

Zero began to make his way over to the academy directed by Zofia. he walked around the small town trying to memorize the layout in his head since he would be staying here for a while. the area was roughly 25 km in both directions with a river nearby and forest area for adventurers to train.

Zero was finally nearing the academy when he noticed a group of people gathered at the entrance. Zero made his way to the back of the group to see what was going on.

At the front of the group there was a large guard talking to a young boy. " Let me go you buffoon I have business inside." the young boy said. " No one gets in without an academy pass or invitation from a staff member." The large guard said to the young boy. The boy continued to kick and squirm until he was tossed away by the guard 10 meters in the air and away from the entrance.

The group of people watching laughed at the boy as he slowly picked himself up rubbing his rear. " I'll come back and make you look like an idiot" the young boy said as he threw his hands in the air and started to walk away.

Zero watched this scene puzzled onto why the boy seemed so persistent but everybody had there business. Zero then made his way up to the guard. " Good evening, I'm looking to become a student at this academy." zero said to the guard. "Nobody is joining the academy until registration begins in 3 months." the guard said as he looked at Zero. He noticed he was a lower realm than him and immediately shrugged him off. " excuse me but I need to begin training as soon as possible is there really no way to join sooner?" Zero asked. Someone from the crowd yelled " if you're strong enough to defeat ,Grey the Gruesome, they'll let you in tonight hahaha!" more people from the group joined in on the laughter. Zero looked at the guard and said " I assume you're grey the gruesome." Grey just nodded his head slowly. "Great that means this will be easy" Zero said as he assumed a boxing stance he learned from his last life. Grey lowered his arms and squared himself towards Zero " do you truly wish to challenge me for entry?" Zero nodded his head. The person who yelled before said " Wow I did t think he'd actually do it, looks like we get 2 shows in one night hahaha!" the group continued laughing until grey shouted " Quiet!" The crowd stopped laughing immediately.

Zero began to focus on where to strike to increase his chance of ending this as quickly as possible. Grey stood tall and muscular looking down on Zero but Zero did not look afraid. Grey respected that. The wind blew and they both stared each other down. Grey pulled out a coin. " Once this coin hits the ground we shall commence agreed." Zero nodded in agreement. Grey then tossed the coin in the air.

They both watched the coin fall. The crowd held their breath. The coin bounced on the ground. Zero rushed at his opponent..


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