Unrivaled Mage
10 Battle With Grey
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Unrivaled Mage
Author :MrSunni
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10 Battle With Grey

Zero dashed forward towards Grey hoping to feign him. Grey striked at Zero but Zero moved and proceeded to go in for a strike. Zero extended out his arm to strike at Grey but he felt a sudden change of direction from his body. Zero began to fly 3 meters away rolling as he tried to calculate what just happened. " I could sworn I dodged his first strike. I didnt even notice the second one until I was already hit. Is this the use of martial arts?" zero thought this as he got back up.

Grey walked towards zero his steps heavy against the ground. Zero examined Grey again. " Well damn this guy isn't just big he's fast. Well you know what they say Zofia the bigger they are." he said as he ran up to Grey again. Zero watched as Grey swung his arm towards him. Zero ducked slightly as he looked at his other arm. Zero also began to swing towards Greys ribs with a quick strike. Grey swung his other arm but it moved so quick if Zero hadn't been staring he wouldn't have seen it at all. Zero dodged again and finished his strike with as much strength he could build with his momentum.

Zeros fist landed on Greys side but it felt like he just hit a brick wall. He felt the pain surge through his whole arm as he reeled back to avoid another strike from Grey. " Damn what is this guy a machine or something" zero thought as he shook his hand to ease the stinging sensation. Grey smiled as he saw his opponents strength was below his body's defense. The battle was all but over now Grey believed.

Zero couldn't give up he needed to find a way into the academy to protect his loved ones. He wouldn't give up so he decided he'd change his strategy. Zero ran towards Grey again full speed watching out for his attacks. Grey just waited to see what Zero would try to do in order to break his defense. Zero knew this would be his best shot at attacking so as he made his way towards grey he slid under Greys legs and unleashed an ultimate attack against any Male creature! He went for his precious jewels. Zero kicked his foot up as hard as he could as he passed Grey. Grey face lost color as he inhaled and make a sharp high pitched pained noise. Zero continued his slide out from under Grey and continued his attack. Zero hopped up onto greys back and proceeded to choke him out with all his might. Grey still realizing what had happened struggled to regain his composure.

"Yes nobody's body defense is ever solid there. haha." zero thought as he put himself in advantage during this fight. Zero began to hold this choke until Grey gave up. All of a sudden he felt this pressure coming from Grey. Grey began to emit a faint red light from his body and his muscles began to buldge. " Oh God he's using his berserk mode!!!" someone from the crowd couldn't help but exclaim. "Host is in danger. suggest retreating from battle." an alarm went off as Zofia said to zero. Zero immediately let Grey go and back up.

" I understand why you felt the need to do that." Grey said with fumes coming from him " but I'm going to make you pay for that." Grey finished saying as he dashed towards Zero. Zero tried moving but Grey grabbed onto him and lifted him up. Zero felt a pain in his shoulder and Grey squeezed and then slammed Zero. Zero felt everything in his body hurt. Grey than picked him up again and tossed Zero away from the academy entrace.

Zero thought in his mind " man I guess this why I need to learn some martial arts.." as he tried getting up from the pain. " You sure put on a show." a voice came from above zero. Zero looked up and saw a young kid.

"Arent you the kid who got kicked out earlier." Zero said as he struggled to get up. " I am not a child and I wasn't kicked out as bad as you." the young kid said. " So who are you?" zero asked " My name is Theo I'm a wandering sorcerer with business in this town." theo said. " Okay kid whatever you say" said Zero started walking away while drinking a healing potion. " I told you I'm not a child." Theo said behind Zero. "Okay kid how old are you then, 15?" zero turned around and said annoyed with theos pestering. Theo looked at Zero and said "I'm 200 years old."


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