Unrivaled Mage
11 Kid
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Unrivaled Mage
Author :MrSunni
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11 Kid

"hahaha wow kid I've heard some crazy stories but 200 years old kid is the best yet!" zero said in complete ridicule as he started walking away from Theo. Theo smiled as zero was walking away and muttered a spell under his breath. All of a sudden zero was launched in the air and upside down. "What the hell" zero was frustrated as he saw this young boy strut towards him. Theo pulled out an object which glowed with a low silver light. "Zofia how the hell do I get out of this?" zero thought as Theo was examining him. "Estimated time of escape 30 seconds." Zofia replied.

"Hmmmm" theo rubbed his chin as he examined Zero. " Interesting, I sense a foreign energy coming from your body. it seems almost out of this dimension.. I need to conduct more test on you good sir. don't worry it'll be painless." Zero began to float behind theo as they walked down " I originally just wanted to see why you were also tossed out but looks like something more interesting has come up." theo said. " Break!" zero exclaimed as the force holding him was released. Zero flipped and landed on the ground. Theo turned and began to cast another spell. Before he could Zero rushed theo. Theo tried to evade but felt a grip on his arm. Zero pulled Theo down and threw him to the ground. Zero pushed his knee into theos back and grabbed his casting item. " Why are you trying to kidnap me you dumb kid!" zero yelled frustrated he almost was kidnapped by, well.. a kid. " I told you I'm not a kid! I'm an old man who's been cursed to live this age forever!" theo shouted back at Zero.

Zero paused and slowed his breathing. He had to relax. He was letting this kids age bother him to much. " Zofia please scan this kid and get any information you can." zero thought to Zofia. "Request acknowledged. Scanning... Complete. Subject is a 14 year old boy." Zofia said. "So he was lying then?" he asked Zofia and Zofia replied. " No, there is an anomaly detected in subjects soul. There seems to be a certain high tier magic curse on his body. I cannot identify it with out Host gathering more information." Zeros was puzzled about what to do with Theo. On one hand he wasn't lying. on the other he completely just tried to kidnap Zero.

" Okay I'm going to let you go now just don't do anything stupid." zero said as he slowly released Theo. " Look, I was only gathering information on you because I've never seen anything like it in the past 200 years and there's not much i haven't seen." Theo said as he wiped the dirt of his clothes. "You know it's a lot easier to simply ask." Zero said to Theo. " Would you have told me the truth?" Theo replied. Zero gave Theo a look which made theo laugh and say " Okay so I know you're weird, and so am I. So why don't we stick together for a while." theo asked straight forwardly. zero raised an eyebrow and said " No thanks Kid. I've got to get stronger and train not follow some old-young boy around."

Zero turned around to leave when theo rushed up in front of him " Come on don't reject the idea right away. Think about it for a second." Theo tried persuading zero. zero bent over to get down to theos face. " No thanks" he said and straightened out. Zero started walking down the road again when he heard theo say " what if I can teach you how to become stronger?" He paused in the middle of the road. He turned around slowly and looked at Theo again. " How can you teach me how to become stronger?" he said. Theo smiled and told him " I'm a magician with hundreds of years of experience and you doubt my ability to teach some low realm KID magic. You must be dumber than you look." Zeros face darkened after hearing Theo call him a kid. He rubbed his head thinking if actually listening to this kid would be a good idea. " You know what fine. I can't obviously join the academy just yet so I'll work with this kid and have him teach me some things and I'll be on my way." Zero thought to himself. "Host should be wary of subject named Theo. When I previously scanned him he definitely had a large pool of mana available to access but it seems he can't replenish his mana very quickly." Zofia warned zero in his head. " Itll be fine if he acts up I'll just kick his ass again." zero thought back to Zofia.

"Fine we can work together but you have to teach me as much as you can about magic." zero said to Theo. " Very well." theo replied nodding his head in satisfaction. Zero extended his hand to Theo. Theo looked puzzled. Zero noticed this and said " you shake it to confirm the deal." Theo looked at zeros hand and then to his own. he grabbed zeros hand with his own. Zero then began to shake it up and down shaking Theos entire arm. "There now the deal is complete. So you staying anywhere tonight or just walking around kid?" Zero let go and asked Theo. Theo rubbed his arm and said " I am staying at an inn a few blocks away from here. You can join me on the walk back and get a room there its a pretty low amount but it's not a castle." Theo explained as he started walking back. " Alright lead the way then." Zero said as he followed Theo.

Theo walking ahead of Zero with a very sinister smile on his face. " Looks like I might be able to have some fun." he thought to himself as he led Zero back to the inn, almost like a hunter luring its prey back to its den.


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