Unrivaled Mage
12 The Inn
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Unrivaled Mage
Author :MrSunni
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12 The Inn

Theo led Zero towards the inn he was staying at. " Here we are, you can go inside and get yourself a room." Theo pointed towards a small inn in a rundown district and then walked away into the night. Zero watched as Theo left but didnt pay to much mind since he was already here. He didnt have much gold left anyway so he figured this place to fit just fine for now until he could earn more gold or exp.

Zero made his way inside and paid for a room. It was late at night and he felt like he had a very long first day inside of this new world. So he decided to head straight to his room.

Zero was getting comfortable in his room when he heard a knock at his door. He pulled out a small dagger and held it behind his back as he approached the door. To his surprise it was Theo. Theo brushed past zero almost smacking him in the face with his staff and walked over to the window on the other side. " hey kid its impolite to just walk into someone's room." zero gave theo a dirty look obviously displeased with his behavior. " I told you I'm not a kid." theo replied and continued " So you want to get strong and learn magic correct." Zero crossed his arms across his chest " well yeah but it's kinda late so I'd appreciate you leave and we start working together tomorrow." zero said. " Well we don't have as much time as you think we have.." Theo said as he turned around and smacked his staff on the ground.

In an instant the entire room went dark and turned blue. " Warning Complex Dimensional Spell is being cast suggest Host..." was all zero heard when he felt his body go numb.

Theo muttered his incantation and sat on the floor as he submerged his subconscious into another world...

Zero woke up feeling extremely light. It was bright but there was no sun. There were clouds but no blue sky everything seemed white. " Dammit not this again. Zofia where are we?" zero said out loud as he noticed nobody around him, but what surprised him was that he heard no response. "Zofia are you there?" zero said again.

" Who is Zofia?" Zero heard a voice from behind him and turned around as well as he could floating around. Zero saw Theo in front of him. Zero looked around trying to figure out where he was. " Dont worry you're in my world now." theo said smiling at Zero. Zero realized he was no longer in Agartha but a whole other dimension. " man I'm getting sick of this shit." zero thought in his head. " So let's finish what we started earlier." Theo interrupted Zeros thoughts. All of a sudden chains appeared out of no where and restricted zeros movements.

Zero looked around and tried to understand what was going on. Theo began to float closer to Zero when blades appeared out of seemingly nothing. Zero couldn't figure out how constructs we being made in this world. Theo began to explain " This is my world anything I create will appear and I'm going to find out the information I want to know."

Zero struggled to get out of the chains but he couldn't. Theo began to sink in the blades into Zeros body. Zero felt excruciating pain as the blades began stabbing him all over. Zero began losing conciousness but he didnt want to let go. He decided to try something. Zero focused everything he had into his left eye. It was his only chance to escape whatever hell this was.

All of a sudden Theo felt something strong coming from Zero. His smile faded as he looked at Zero who's pained face changed expression. Zero looked up and opened his eye where a bright light shined out. Theo couldn't believe what he saw before him.

Zero took a deep breath and looked all around him all the mana in this world was ready for the taking. Zero began drawing in as much mana as he could but it felt strange, in Agartha he felt limited to how much he could take but here he felt invincible. Zero broke the chains and forced the blades out of his body. Theo felt a chill go down his spine as he saw Zero begin to take advantage of the mana around him.

Zero felt his eye's true potential flowing through his body. He remembered something about Zofia talking about space. Zero began to imagine himself behind theo and sure enough time seemed to slow down as he felt his body warp to where he focused his energy. He ended behind theo and grabbed Theo and put him into a choke hold. Theo panicked and materialized large balls of lightning connected to each other like a chain. Theo moved his hand and the lightning launched behind Zero. Zero turned to faces the lightning and used his eye to warp the lightning away. Theo struggled to get free but couldn't break away.

" now tell me where the hell we are and why the hell you want to know who I am so bad?" zero said as he applied more pressure to Theos neck. Theo slowly started fading away and finally fell slump on the ground.

Theo woke up tied up in chains with Zero floating in front of him in a cross leg position but he was upside down.

While Theo was passed Zero began to think of what to do. He decided to tie Theo up with the left over from the chains. After that he looked around. It was an endless space of nothing. He looked around and decided to practice floating around. It felt amazing being able to float around like this. He felt like an astronaut floating in space. The feeling of no gravity was amazing. There was no up or down in this space. He could be upside down to Theo but it felt normal to him. Space was just his idea of where he was at in the moment. He felt a weird comprehension from this experience. As he was floating "upside down" Theo began to wake up. " So can you answer my questions now KID?"


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