What I’ve Gained: Life in a Puppy Mill
-1 Life in a Puppy Mill
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What I’ve Gained: Life in a Puppy Mill
Author :TwoBabyBlues
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-1 Life in a Puppy Mill

I gained life as I came out of my mother's womb. I took my first breath, gaining oxygen for the very first time. I quickly gained lots of new senses. I gained the experience of loud sounds. I gained bright lights. I gained a strong smell. And I gained people touching me.

I gained what felt like minutes, but was only a couple of weeks with my mom. I gained a new space. I gained many others on top and on the sides of me. I thought I gained new friends. And I gained the name: Doberman.

I gained an often hungry belly. I gained depression from missing my mom. I gained confusion as others were leaving but I was not. I gained feces dropping on me from cages stacked above. I gained sorrow when I thought this was it for me.

I gained hope when someone took me out of my cage. I gained much pain after being tied up, bound to a table. With a few clips I gained a new tail and new ears. I gained extreme pain from a proper look. I gained a cage separate from where I was. I gained blood everywhere. I gained days and nights of whimpering from pain and loneliness. I gained a horrible burning sensation. I gained swollen, puss filled body parts. I gained a fever. I gained the desire not to eat, even though there wasn't any food. I gained exhaustion. I gained hopelessness as I realized this was it for me.

I gained many naps that took away the pain for a little bit. I gained dreams of what my life could have been. And then I gained this last dream when the pain finally stopped for good. I gained a family in this dream. I gained another brother and sister much older and happier too. I gained constant playmates. I gained two bowls of food, one in the morning and one at night. I gained a full belly always. I gained what seemed like everlasting water so I was never thirsty. I gained daily walks seeing and experiencing new places. I gained so many toys I could pick up and play with along the way. I gained the ability to jump all around, stretch and do whatever I want. I gained a feeling of security and happiness when I gained the warmth of the sun on my body. I gained green stuff between my toes. I gained many new adventures with my humans and siblings. I gained so much love. I gained constant belly rubs and cuddles. The best part is I gained a pretty collar around my neck. And I gained the name Ella.

As I dreamed this wonderful last dream forever, I gained freedom. My body was dragged into a pit filled with many others who had gained the same. I gained gentle kicks from some who were struggling more than me. I gained lighter fluid all over my lifeless body. I gained a warmth that I had never experienced when I was alive. I finally gained freedom as bits of me were rising up in the sky and falling back down overtop of the others who had just began their journey of life.


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