When I Call You
12 Another Notice
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When I Call You
Author :Wolf_Gamer202
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12 Another Notice

Hi everyone.

As you can probably tell, I haven't published any chapters.

The message will also be on my other book so if you read on but not the other you can see it.

I'm thinking about not posting any chapters on both my books for a while.

So putting them on hold.
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And writing a new book.

I know it sounds crazy but, I'm willing to put all my free time and effort into it to try to make it my best book yet.

My goal for views will be 6k views since my first book got 4k and my second one got 2k.

No chapters will be posted for a maybe a month because I want to try a new way to publish my chapters and I need to catch up on a lot of school work.

I'm really happy that I've gotten lots of views on my books and I hope I can get more.

I would again really appreciate it if you guys left some comments and reviews so I know what to improve on in my books.

Again I will not be posting for a a month or so and I again really appreciate all the support from you guys.

Love you all and goodbye for now.


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