World Master System
19 Ravings of a Newbie
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World Master System
Author :Dausume
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19 Ravings of a Newbie

When I woke up in Origin World it was already mid-day.

'I had stayed inside the Pokemon World for too long again, ugh.'

I quickly got up, startling Meditite and my followers with the sudden movement.

'Did you all start to think I am a Statue that doesn't move?'

This time there had been a long and prolonged battle, and I had even managed to witness a fight far beyond my current 'cultivation', it was a very worthwhile trip.

But still, as could be seen from the reactions of these fellows, leaving one's body is just too unnatural.

Maybe in time they would view me in a negative light due to my actions, thinking I'm lazy, or maybe they will just think I am cultivating.

When I'm gone, the state my body remains in is so rigid it could hardly be seen as human. An unnatural and unhealthy method of moving between worlds and realms indeed.

I decided to do some exercise with Seran, Horus, and Gina. Teach them a bit on how exactly this Statue can move, in a way they will not soon forget.

They should be spending most of their time cultivating Mental Energy, but beating some Combatives into them to keep their bodies in shape won't hurt either. So, I helped them with learning some throws, submission moves and counters with sparring.

Exercising a bit and showing off my strength, I felt much better.

Using Body Strengthening, I found I had to hold back a lot so as not to harm them. The difference between my old Basic Mental Energy and my new Lowest Grade Mental Energy was rather large and hard to grow accustomed to.

Or rather, I was not even fully familiar with the Basic Mental Energy, and now that my energy was stronger, my control was only that much worse.

They have strong bodies though, they will be fine even if my control fluctuates a little.

Having finally become a qualified Pokemon Trainer, I should have technically just moved up from a Basic being up to the Lowest Grade.

Many of those I had been fighting, from the Minotaur to the Agents, were all already Lowest Grade though. I had obviously been able to defeat them. So, it would seem the difference in strength is not huge, at least between the slowest two.

Though there may be little difference between Basic and Lowest, that is probably because it is the difference between Last and Second to Last.

From what I could tell from the system, cultivation & strength was roughly categorized like this:

Normal People & Animals -> Basic

Hero-like People & Monsters -> Lowest Grade

Heavenly Cultivators & Demi-Gods -> Low Grade

Law Cultivators & World Gods -> Mid Grade

Stronger than that? -> High Grade & Above?

Then, for my own sake, I decided to divide each section further into five more divisions based on the cultivation novels I used to read:

Initial, Minor Achievement, Intermediate, Major Achievement, Culmination.

My current 'Status', some based on stuff I got out of the system, should be roughly like this:


System Operations

[Mental Space Operations]

- Establishment

- Stabilization

- Energy Regulation

[Fusion Energy Embodiment]

- Body Creation

- Node Linking

- Energy Regulation

[Node Establishment]

- Spatial Manipulation

- Psuedo-space Establishment

- Resonance Point Establishment

- Energy Regulation


Body Cultivation

[ Intermediate Basic Grade ]

Cultivation Methods [None]

Techniques [None]


Mental Cultivation

[ Initial Lowest Grade ]

Cultivation Methods

[Mental Star Meditations]

- Utilizes Self-hypnosis

- Stimulates Energy Production

[Nerve-Flooding Method]

- Forcefully floods the nervous system with Mental Energy, baptizing the mind and nerves in the body so that it becomes more in-tuned to Mental Energy.

- Stimulates the Mental Space to produce more Mental Energy.


[Mental Space Access]

- Allows one to access the Mental Space

[Mental Symbol Cultivation] Uninitiated

- 1st Symbol[True Self: Endless Bodies]

[Body Strengthening]

- Uses Mental Energy to move and strengthen the Body


- Condenses a Blade made of Mental Energy that shoots forwards

[Psychic Sensing]

- Can use Mental Energy to 'see' the surroundings.

[Payday Attack], Initiated

- Can use Mental Energy to temporarily condense some gold charms (Requires Mental Energy Consolidation or Mentality of Origin to operate)


Fusion Energy (Spiritual/Mental Energy)

Innate Abilities

[Infinite Relay]

- Can allow the individual to instantly move fusion energy across an effectively infinite distance. However, it is limited by the user's ability to comprehend and utilize it.

- Current utilization method: Establishing spatial relay nodes, using them to establish connection with the user's fusion energy. After node establishment, the connection can allow the user to utilize a fusion energy body on the other side instantaneously, regardless of distance.


...this is the way I worked it out in my head at least. Apparently my System, or maybe it's creators, think it is bad for me to have the System constantly telling me my own status.

Something like 'Learn to know your body for your damn self!' Or 'Shit, why would you need a System to tell you what you know? If you need the system to tell you, obviously, you don't really know it!' -> I imagine the System's creators saying something like this.

Though, they did give percentages for the Law Comprehension part? I suppose it would be a bit too much to ask a person to comprehend a Law efficiently without at least helping to know your on the right track.

...or, they were just too lazy to make the cultivation and techniques portions.

...but really, if they can monitor the afterlife for special souls, pluck them, and send them to a new world with a System, obviously they can't be too lazy. There is probably a legitimate reason not to.

Probably, but, you never know... and the System says nothing on the subject, so...

Well, forget it.

We got our things together and got on the move again, after moving through what little daylight time we had left we settled in again.

Instead of going back to the Pokemon World or setting up a Node on a new one, I decided to take the night and familiarize myself with my new Mental Cultivation level and train together with my Pokemon and the others.

After everyone else went to sleep, I decided to take a look at my World Options. I did manage to unlock a new Node option after all.

Settling myself in again, I shift my consciousness into my Mental Space and find the System within.


Please select a world to begin your development. You can now solidify a new spatial coordinate on a secondary world for dimensional travel.


Current Spatial Node Locations

Note: Lowest Grade Mental Cultivation has been reached, some missions will now become available upon Node Establishment.

(Pokemon World)

[Missions Available:

Create a true material world within the Pokemon Multiverse.

Reward: Magic Energy Creation Technique]

- World Resources: Basic and (Incomplete) Low grade Mental Cultivation Techniques, Basic and Low-Grade Mental Energy Beasts, Natural Mental Energy Formations, Basic Mental Energy formations and Technology, Basic Natural Technology

- Unique Natural Laws: Mental Energy Consolidation, Mental Energy Technique Enlightenment, Mental Cultivation Enlightenment

- Modular Laws: Mentality of Origin (New hidden law)

- Current Projected Progression for World Law Comprehension: 0.001%

- Mentality of Origin Laws: 0.5%

[The Pokemon World contains a partial form of these mysterious methods, which allows one to transform Human Mental Energy into the native Origin Energy of Pokemon World. The complete form of these laws is modular and can thus be used in any world to condense origin energy from mental energy.]


Potential Node Locations

All worlds chosen have a time progression rate equivalent to the current world. Current suitable worlds related to memories are displayed:

[Spatial-Dimensional Shift has occurred. The Hub-world simulataneously shifts through space and phase material properties to interact with many realities, allowing you to draw close enough to desired Worlds to detect and establish Nodes upon them. This Hub-world follows a complex-fixed orbit, with many replica-worlds in it's path. World opportunities will re-appear in the future, so user can freely choose based on immediate needs.]

[Spatial-Dimensional Shift: 2 World Connections Lost, 2 New Worlds in Range]

1) (Mass Effect) [New World]

- World Resources: Basic to Low(Incomplete) Grade Natural Technology, Basic Origin Energy Generators, Basic Mental Energy Generators, Basic Origin Energy Techniques, Basic Mental Energy Techniques, Mid-Rank 'Lost' Natural Technology

2) (D.N. Angel) [New World]

- World Resources: Basic Natural Technology, Basic and Lowest grade Emotion-based Mental Energy, Emotion-based Magic Energy, Empathic Energy

- Unique Natural Laws: Mental Energy Seperation (Psychic-Empathic Energies Isolated), Empathic Energy Retainment

3) (Fable)

- World Resources: Atmospheric Mental Energy Stimulants, Basic Mental Energy Techniques, Low-Grade Mental Energy Formations

- Unique Natural Laws: Sorcerer Physique Refinement Laws, Sorcerer Mental Technique Enlightenment, Fate Laws, Alternate Reality Binding

4) (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

- World Resources: Basic Spiritual Meditation Techniques, Innate Spiritual Element Stimulants

- Unique Natural Laws: Spiritual Technique Enlightenment, Spiritual-Physical Dimension Binding

5) (Dragon Ball Universe)

- World Resources: Basic Qi Cultivation Techniques, Basic to High Grade Qi Genetics, Basic to Mid Grade Martial Arts Techniques, Basic to Low Grade Natural Technology Development


[Connections Lost, node options will reappear when Origin World is back in synchronous space with these worlds]

(Crash Bandicoot)

- World Resources: Basic to Low-Grade Mystic Tribal Arts, Basic Natural Genetic Modifications, Basic Tribal Energy Type Genetic Modifications, Basic and Low grade Tribal Energy Technology

- Unique Natural Laws: Tribal Art Enlightenment, Space-Time Tribal Energy Laws

(Sonic The Hedgehog)

- World Resources: Basic Chaos Energy Body Techniques, Basic Chaos Energy Type Genetic Modifications, Basic Natural Technology, Basic and Semi-Low-Grade Chaos Energy Technology

- Unique Natural Laws: Chaos Energy Condensation


...too much information, as usual.

I was mildly embarrassed D.N.Angel showed up. I used to read the manga back in High School. It was more of a typical school-kid drama than anything, but it also had some interesting world mechanics. Still, that it would show up as a world option... sigh~

Honestly, so much information, it took me a while to process. I think it is necessary to think through it to see which world would be the best choice for progressing forwards.

There seemed to be many kinds of Energies, really, too many of them. At this point, I can't much understand what the major differences between any of them are. Yet, these differences were something the system could distinguish between easily.

In the Pokemon world, the man who appeared to save everyone, Satoshi, seemed to be an older version of the main character from the Pokemon Anime. He bore the same name as he did in the original Japanese version.

I saw that the Mental Energy he used in the attack 'Electric World' could be used to emulate and form almost anything. His lightning strikes he used at the end to finish his enemies, unlike Meowth, were still entirely composed of Mental Energy.

So, I had some dull sense of the energy within, which resembled each of the varying Pokemon types.

Satoshi's 'Electric World' lighting more or less acted like normal lightning within the realm of the pokemon world. Ridiculously strong lightning, but still, just lightning. However, from what the system had said, that lightning should have been a technique that could create a complete world.

This means that world should be a world of 'another dimension', but, since all of the Mental Energy he used came from the Pokemon World, it could likely be considered as creating a Pokemon 'sub-world'. Just the fact he was able to do this with one type means the same should apply to each of the other types.

This implies the Mental Energy of the Pokemon world alone is both complex and powerful enough to sustain many types of sub-worlds of varying types.

This means that any 'energy type' the system considers could/should be equally capable in terms of omnipotence.

Yet, obviously there should be some differences between these types of energy.

Mental Energy comes from the Brain and the nervous system, and the Mental Space acts as an expansion of the Mind, which is why it can also produce Mental Energy.

Whereas, from what I know, Qi can be gathered from the world around you or cultivated in the body.

Qi acts similarly to Mental Energy, but rather than the entire body it primarily focuses around where we use the most energy in our body, in muscles and organs. Then, in novels, it often circulates in the blood rather than the nervous system. That applies only in certain worlds though.

The general setting for Qi is 'ancient worlds', another key word together with Qi cultivation is 'origin energy', which is generally implying one uses energy from the origin of existence. High energy bodies contain more Origin Energy which begets more Qi.

There were those who believed Qi once existed on earth, but then disappeared at some point.

If Qi had ever existed in our world, it should have been very long ago, unless our Solar System coincidentally passed out of a concentration pocket of Qi not long ago historically, humans of Earth should never have touched upon it.

If it were true, one could jest that dinosaurs and mass extinction occurred because we passed outside of the Qi pocket. Only life-forms that could exist and adapt to the lack of Qi would survive.

Our Solar system continually moves further and further away from the origin of the Universe, if Qi and Origin energy existed anywhere, it would be thickest the closer you are to there.

Alternatively, perhaps it would also exist very near to Black Holes, or similar extreme high-energy bodies.

In essence, Qi should just be extreme high-energy particles, with minute size and mass specifically, particles which can both interact with normal materials, and remain inert to them, under very discrete conditions, without destroying and melting them in the process.

The three main energy types in cultivation novels were Mental/Magical, Origin/Qi, Spiritual/Soul, and then, separate from them, was the simple physical body which served a different purpose in every case.

The system clearly gave me the restrictions it did because it wants me to first focus on the three energies, often called 'the three flows' and my simple material body which serves as the foundation for them.

In pokemon, the correspondence would most likely be Mental/Magical -> Psychic types, Origin/Qi -> Fighting, Spiritual/Soul -> Ghost, and then likely, Normal -> the fundamental material body?

Although each of these energies are capable of anything, they all have their own specializations and origins. Each energy will be stronger and weaker in certain area when you consider two cultivators with different energy types but equal quantities and qualities of it.

Every type of cultivation in novels would generally use the body as the foundation.

Traditional cultivation methods would slowly replace the original material body, with a body made of pure energy. Whereas Body cultivators would utilize their chosen energy-type, to transform their material body over time into something more akin to a material weapon.

The Body Cultivator would use their energy of choice to re-enforce and/or hyper-compress all of the materials that compose their body. Generally, the end result would be a hybridization of the energy used and the regular base materials.

However, in theory, with enough resources and effort they could simply make their body into a weapon so dense and powerful they could slap a star out of existence.

One such example would be the main character of Stellar Transformations.

The Stellar Transformations cultivation method diverged from it's original path after entering MC's hands, one originally centered on Natural Sciences.

He reached the pinnacle of that reality by means of using a hybridization of Origin energy and materials science.

It should be possible to use Natural Science to create a pinnacle pure material body, and it should also be possible to create one using any of the other energies if one were knowledgable in both fields, however, either approach would be many times more difficult than the hybridization method... if novels are something you can use to actually gauge reality, that is.

...did my mind wander onto strange things?

Well, it is relevant Information, I think.

Based on all of this, the system seems to want me to build a foundation for my body and the three flows before all else.

Probably, I need to raise them all to Lowest grade to forge a solid cultivator foundation... at least, that is the typical pattern in those novels on cultivation.

However, without strength, I may not survive in the Origin World. So, it may also be better to just focus on one energy type, then use that as the foundation to raise up the rest of them. At this point, if any, it would make the most sense to raise my Mental energy higher first, since it is already at Lowest grade.

Then, there is also the issue of the immediate threats of Origin World.

The issue of the Minotaurs is rather straight forward, from what I can tell they fit the pattern of an innate Qi-based Body Constitution. They can use a bit of Qi, but most of it goes into maintaining their enormous and powerful bodies, so at best their Qi techniques are cheap tricks. Not much to be done against them unless I get strong enough to deal with their whole Horde.

The issue of the Shadow-like 'demons' seems more tricky though. These are tedious energy-type beings. Their methods can be far more flexible than the Minotaur, and they cannot even be touched by your typical material body.

Though they could likely be harmed somehow through Mental Energy, there is no particular guarantee that just any Mental Energy attack would be effective. If I could find a way to gather information on how to combat them in another world before confronting them en-mass, it would be ideal.

In some cases, energy combinations between the three flows result in huge combat boosts as well. So that is another matter to take into account...

Essentially, the only world available that I could really rule out for this time was Mass Effect. Though I would love access to the futuristic tech and knowledge, it did not seem likely I could use anything from that world to help in improving cultivation at the Lowest Grade.

All of the other worlds have various pros and cons. To decide between them arbitrarily when I've no idea when my next opportunity will come just isn't a good idea.

I decided to not be too quick to decide on the matter for now though, I could barely control my current cultivation. Any more right now would be too much, I need to improve my control over my body and mental energy, I need to look into and cultivate my mental symbol, and I've been spending too much time separated from my body recently.

So, my pokemon and followers and me moved together and practiced together as we moved towards the nearest village. I did my best to instruct them on fighting and cultivation, building a rapport with the three as best as I could.

When I tried to do the 'mental symbol cultivation' the first step required me to control my mental energy to mimic the mental symbol.. which was far harder than one might imagine.

Three short days of travel later, we finally arrived in the area of the village.


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