Worldly Rebirths
1 Chapter One: “System“
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Worldly Rebirths
Author :readtoomuch
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1 Chapter One: “System“

Haruki sighed,eyes staring into the vast white distance that stretched for miles. Bored.He felt utterly bored if anything.

After he died he expected something extraordinary to happen when he woke up in this white space but here he was a year later without anything to do.

All he did was float about in the same spot,and the white space never seemed to end.It was empty;just him in there. He had a whole year to think about his life,how he died,the people he trusted and more importantly revenge.

The silence stretched on uncomfortably until a voice suddenly broke it.

[Greetings,Host #93. I am the system.]

Haruki was suddenly startled by the voice and wobbled in the air,head whipping around for any one near him.

"Who's there?!"

[I am,System.]

After many more attempts at searching and asking only to get the same answer, he finally acknowledged that the robotic voice calling itself 'system' was in his mind-more accurately speaking telepathically to him.

"What do you want?"

[Introduction loading...]


[My name is System and you, Haruki Yoriyuuki, are one of the 100 contestants chosen for the reincarnation program. After brief analysis you have been the only one chosen to participate in this program.]

Haruki's eyebrows scrunched "Program? What is this 'program' about?"

By now he had already accepted that this was really true and thought it was more useful to ask more questions while he probably still could.

[This is a reincarnation program where you, Host #93 will be reborn into multiple 'anime' world's to complete missions.]


[Host does not have enough authority to ask that question.]

Haruki couldn't help but stay quiet in confusion. In his opinion all of this was ridiculous and things that happened in fictions or tales. If someone told him it was a prank one year ago he would have believed it,but after being in this space for so long he couldn't.

"Isn't it going to be unfair for me to be in these anime worlds?"

[I do not understand,may Host elaborate?]

"I've seen these 'anime' and fictions. They're fake worlds and I know everything that's going to happen, so wouldn't it be too easy?"

Although Haruki was a businessman with a hectic schedule and almost no free time he had once watched them and couldn't help but find them immensely interesting.

[These 'anime' worlds as your refer to are not fake but indeed real just like Earth. By changing even one thing you cause a time change,wherein there will be a chain reaction and everything could change therefore making it harder for you to know what the 'characters' will do.]

Haruki's eyes widened in shock and his voice unconsciously raised "What? If they're real then how does everyone on earth know about them?"

[Host does not have enough authority to ask this question.]

Haruki's perplexed expression was wiped away and replaced by a frown

"Why should I do this?"

[In the case that host finishes a certain amount of missions you will be rewarded.]

"With what?"

[You will be reincarnated back to your world to a younger age with your current self's memory so you may complete your revenge,however your memories from this program will be wiped away]

Instantly Haruki seemed like a changed man,eyes cold and emitting a dangerous aura.

"When do I begin?"

[Transferring to first world.....]






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