Worth Nothing
1 Prologue - A Letter
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Worth Nothing
Author :Daoist_Matt
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1 Prologue - A Letter

"To whomever finds this letter,

It is the year 2073, the world has succumbed to chaos. Humanity struggled with the ever-failing ecosystem. Trash reached the skies and grazed the depths of the oceans. The atmosphere was almost completely gone. Beyond the smoggy air, one could even see trash from stations and satellites floating in the orbit of the planet.

Governments started arguing 20 years ago, blaming each other for the predicament the world was in. Even in the face of extinction, humans could not get along. 10 years later, war broke out. It was devastating. In the first year alone, more than a billion people had lost their lives. Bombs were dropped, chemical warfare broke out.

The animals of the world could not hold on. Species after species ceased to exist. Completely extinct. The polar bears and penguins were some of the first. The war killed the ozone causing the arctic to became no larger than a city such as Beijing. Water levels raised up to the point where Florida was completely under water, and it was not alone. Places like Texas and California where there with it.

My name is Silas Thompson. As of today, I am 81 years old. I lived through everything. This world, what we call Earth, has always been my home. I grew up in a country called America. I got to see it all. I got to experience things like the internet, cell phones, video games, movies… love and family… and war. I even had the privilege to ride in trains that hovered in vacuum tubes.

This life was great for about all of 60 years. I graduated college with a master's in psychology. I was ready for the world. I never found a wife. But at the age of 33 I adopted a son. He was my pride and joy. I got to watch him grow up. My son graduated college and eventually married and had kids. I was a grandparent. But 7 years later, my family died in a chemical attack. I watched them rot down to their bones. They screamed and screamed as their flesh melted away. I could do nothing. I could only sit and watch. Even today, their screams still echo in my ears.

I leave this letter to anyone whom may find it. I leave it in hopes that when this letter is found, that humanity will have come together and saved our world. I do not know if that will happen. Maybe the world will survive, and humanity will be forced back in civilization worth hundreds of years. We might regress back to the stone age. I do not know. I cannot find it in myself to blame humans. It is in our nature to fight and die. We are a cancer to the world, I accept that. My advice for you whom found this letter, get stronger. Stronger than I ever did. Strong enough to slap the Gods. You cannot change humans. Do not waste your time. It would be ironic for you as a human to change the foundation of what you are. You are a human, so do what we were born to do and rise above them all and do as you wish. That is who we are.

Who knows, if I had become that strong, maybe I could have saved the ones that I loved. "


Silas leaned back in his creaky chair. He put down his pen clutched the letter, starring at the world with eyes full of pain. He who wished to become strong and live a pleasant life. Silas knew that he could never do so. In this world, we are mortals. Magic and miracles do not exist. He did not believe in God or Heaven. How could he? The world gave him everything only to strip it all away. Silas stuffed the letter in a large metal tube and capped it. With old bones, he slowly made his way to his bed.

"81 years. 81 damn years." His voice was raspy, and he could barely breathe. With a final breath, Silas shut his eyes for the last time. Silas Thompson died at the age of 81.

[Welcome to hell Silas. How may I take your order?]


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