Worth Nothing
2 God of Death
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Worth Nothing
Author :Daoist_Matt
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2 God of Death

As Silas took his last breath, he could feel the world fading away. Darkness. Everything was dark. There was no light to go towards.

"I know I'm not religious, but it still would have been nice to have been proven wrong."

Silas inwardly wished for that light to go towards. Maybe, if there was a heaven, he could still see his family again. Silas remembered his parents who raised him. He remembered his time at school and the friends he made. He remembered his kid, and his kid's kids. Silas's life flashed before his eyes. Just as Silas was giving in to his inevitable doom, he heard a voice.

[Welcome to hell Silas. How may I take your order?]

The voice was soft. Soothing even. When Silas looked to see who it was, he found nothing. The world he was in was gone. Everything was replaced with darkness. In a panic, Silas tried to look around, but he couldn't. His neck wouldn't move. His eyes felt liked they were glued in place, he couldn't even blink.

[Hmm. Did you not get my reference? I thought it was quite clever. You humans. You like fast food do you not? Is that not something they usually ask?]

Silas spoke out in a panic.

"Who…Who are you!? What is this place!?"

[Quite down, quiet down. You humans are always so loud. So obnoxious. I am the God of Death. You can call me Alania. Nice to meet ya' mortal. This place you are in is more or less my domain. I control what happens here. I control what you see and don't see. Let me come greet you.]

The self-proclaimed God of Death, Alania, soon came into view with a spectacular entrance. The space in front of Silas erupted in flames. The burning red flames slowly shaped into the head of a dragon. To Silas, the flames made it seem like he was staring into the sun. He could not feel any heat; though, he thought that if he were back on Earth, he may have been incinerated instantly.

After a second, the flames converged into what looked like a mature, but young, woman. Alania was wearing a sleek red velvet gown. She herself had bright red hair that matched her gown. More than anything, what Silas took note of was her eyes. Her eyes looked as if they were made of thousands of stars. Those eyes that shined bright red were locked onto him.

[Be glad Silas. Not many get to see my beauty.]

Silas was at a loss for words.

"What…do you want with me?"

Alania threw her hands on her hips and puffed out cheeks in slight frustration.

[You didn't even comment on my beauty! What a rude mortal! I went through all the trouble of coming down here, making a super cool entrance, and here you are like, 'herp-de-der a fucking god'. I mean come on!]


Silas was confused by everything. The so-called God in front of him just made it worse with her attitude. At this point, Silas was only thinking one thing… '...What in the actual fuck…'

[Ugh…useless! I'll get to the point then. I like your attitude. That letter you wrote. That thing about slapping gods. I want to make you a deal. I will give you the path to the strength you want, in return, you owe me one. I won't tell you now, but just know that if you get strong enough, I will have a task for you. Sound like a good deal? You know it does.]

"I…wait. You're saying that you will give me enough power so that I can stand up to even a god?"

[Nope! I aint' given you shit. If you want power than you will have to work for it. I'll set you on that path, but the rest is up to you. I need a little entertainment. You should suffice.]

Silas was stunned. He was offered a path to strength. If he could become like a god…his family. He might be able to get his family back. There was only one option.

"I will accept your deal."

[Great! Oh, and by the way, I know what you are thinking. Get strong, get the fam fam back right? Wrong. I can't even bring back the dead. What is dead, is dead. It's the only rule of this universe.]

Silas couldn't believe what he just heard. He was given hope for his family! Long lost hope! For just a brief second, he was sure that he could see them again. And this god, it's like she took his dreams and set them ablaze, burnt to ashes. It was like having a stake driven through his heart.

"No! You can't be serious! Even a god can't bring someone back!? I refuse then! Send me to hell or whatever you want to do!"

[Nope, you already accepted. By the way, if you try and kill yourself or get yourself killed intentionally, I'll just send you right back to square one. Well then, of ye' go you nerd!]

With a large smile on her face, Alania snapped her fingers. Silas could see the god waving at him as the world went black again.


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