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殺人 伝説 Satsujin Densetsu
Author :Levy_Mcgarden
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2 Time of War

I've been in this war for a year now and that's longer than anyone. My weapon is the scythe although im trained with most weapons. The way I've been winning my battles is nobody expects me they all expect me to play by the rules like; only attack when there is a scheduled battle, let the enemy kill you because they got you in a corner, let the enemy pause to reload, and don't steal dead comrades weapons. How, again did they expect this war to ever end?

Long story short i don't play by the rules and that's why my side is winning. The officials hate me for not following the rules, but since i'm winning the higher ups said they can't touch me.

It took a 16 year old girl to show them how this was done and how to win a war. Though i'm the only one authorized to do surprise attacks. You know what now is a pretty surprising time lets go surprise them.

Mysaki quietly leaves base camp and grabs her sword.

"This is so stupid, those officials are idiots do they want me to be killed because they hid my scythe. That's why I keep the rest of my weapons in my quarters, i guess i will go grab my sword."

"Oh look i guess it wasn't a surprise after all." Says Mysaki as she sees the army of 100 thats charging her and draws her sword.

"Oh, look this guy thinks its a race," she says as the first guy gets to her sword drawn. She cuts him down with a single stroke soaking his comrades with his blood. The others slow there charge not slow enough though. Mysaki swipes at the air the enemy pauses confused and too late realize she is deflecting bullets as they scatter Mysaki takes down 10 more people in the confusion.

"Oh, come on I just got this new uniform now the others are going to get after me for ruining another uniform!" screams Mysaki in the middle of fighting three guys when her uniform is covered in blood. Everybody on the battlefield is confused. Mysaki's total for the day is at 35. 20 people are charging Mysaki and she takes a step back with one foot uses it to get a boost and charges right into the center of the army cutting off 5 heads on the way in.

"Now this is fun!" screams Mysaki as she picks up another sword from the ground. Mysaki takes down 7 people while she dual wields. Before somebody shouts "You are cornered take a knee so we may kill you!"

"What did you say" says Mysaki vibrating with anger.

"If you want me dead come kill me, I'm not giving up my life that easily!" shouts Mysaki and everyone with in a 5 foot radius is dead. Mysaki is enraged and killing anyone who comes near her she's not messing around anymore. Her kill count spikes from 47 to 72. Mysaki takes a little scratch on her arm and in turn 3 people are now dead.

"Who's next!" says an out of breath Mysaki. The soldiers take this as weakness and all charge her. One loses his head, two lose their arms and bleed to death, seven are stabbed clean through the heart, another three lose their heads, nine people lose the contents of their stomach and they bleed out and the remaining three flee.

"Oh no, you don't get to run from me" says Mysaki as she drops one of the swords she was holding and takes after the three that flee. The first one she catches gets stabbed in the back the second and third follow shortly.

Mysaki looks around and realizes that she is the only one left. Mysaki's kill count is at 100, the entire army.

Dam, i went overboard I wish mom hadn't seen this but i know she is watching over me. Mom died a year after she was put in jail. I should head back to base camp. Mysaki gets back to base camp and heads straight to get some dinner.


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