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she's dreaming
Author :miielo
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"Deep in the night when even the stars fall asleep , the lonely moon rises , It softly comes down to shine on you and lets you dream while you sleep"

I was looking at the ceilings singing without getting sleepy ..

It has been three weeks , She didn't come to my dreams again , who is she? I don't know her .. I spend about mm long time dreaming of her , laughing , she's always laughing at it , I've never seen her doing anything but laughing laughing laughing .. And now she doesn't come to me , bitch what are you doing? she's maybe laughing in another dream now ...


I walked to the hell , school .. High school can really make you wanna disappear always remember it .. I'm not that lonely one or even the famous bitch but I told you HIGH SCHOOL IS HELL FOR EVERYONE

I sit in my class , my friends -actually one friend- Doesn't here yet so welcome to my real loneliness ..


Here anyone can say hi when he come across you so I just whispered hi too.

"How are you now?"

I turned to see who is talking .. W-what how

"Actually I missed you so here I am"

"It must be a joke"

What the fuck is going here , she is , she really is my stranger from my dreams


"Who are you?"

"You didn't remember me?"

"I'm , I'm not sure"

"we talked last year , not to much but yeah"

Someone tell me it's another dream , talked to her? Last year? That's why I kept dreaming of her?

She smiled to me and god she is her

"I'll go , next time remember me"

She went out the class with this bad so bad smile ...

And then my only friend -who is not so real one- enters and I spend the whole day spiteful because my starnger doesn't stranger anymore.


Another day and she didn't come , and I have to see this girl who looks exactly like her..

She was sitting in the class looking at me and smiling again

I don't know why am I ignoring her but come on she freaks me out and hi I want my stranger not a silly copy of her.


At the end of the school day I went to my best and secret place , actually not secret I just like drama , It's a miserable place behind the building but I like it , no one comes here

"Hello again"

I was lying in the ground and she came and lied next to me , freaky


"Can I ask you sth?"


"You don't like me , right?"

I didn't know what to say , how can I explain this!

"No , I'm not really"

"I see"

Okay , no options

"Honestly , You make me remember someone doesn't here right now and I missed her"

"Oh , I'm sorry"

She apologized , does she know the meaning of feeling sorry! , NOT SMILING

"You know you can take me as these one , I think she's so lucky and if I make you remember her , you can treat me like I'm her"

I was staring deeply at her eyes and for the first time I think she is sweet

"Okay deal"

She smiled as usual and let me tell sth , I couldn't stop smiling with her ....



We spent several days talking , studying , sitting in my place and laughing

I really like her , she gives me this feelings , every feeling of being satisfied .. I like her being around although she disappear sometimes -like now- but I didn't ask her about it , and her smile doesn't bother me anymore .. there is an information about me , If you have a good smile then you totally own my heart .. and she fucking has a fucking beautiful smile she has the right to never stop ...


As I'm walking to my school I felt someone behind me Suddenly wraps his hand around my waist , she is her ...

I became confused and I didn't even move

"How are you?"

I could feel her breathe hitting my neck , god save me

"I'm okay"

"Do you know my name?"

Wait what's this question? And wait why don't I know her name?


"Me too"

She became more closer to my ears and whispered softly ..

"I'm your stranger"

She must joke with me


"Your little stranger , I really missed you"

I was surprised for a long long time and finally I said

"How did you do that?"

I felt her smile against my neck ...

"I have to go"

"I don't understand anything"

She left me finally and turned me to look at her ,

She was holding my face when she said

"I'll go now , your stranger loves you"

She kissed my cheek slowly and when I opened my eyes , she has left already ...


I came back to home and lied in my bed ...

How it could be happen? How I didn't know her name all this time? How I didn't talk with any one about her ... Oh my god that's why she always disappear .. I still can't understand and I will not ..

I closed my eyes and fall asleep , you know what is the best thing about dreams in addition to not understand any thing 'cuz in dreams everything is possible? When the morning comes , you will wake up as if nothing happened , then you know .. It was a dream.


She's Dreaming 🦋


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