2 Chapter 1: Awakening & The Beginning
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Author :JakeWJElliott
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2 Chapter 1: Awakening & The Beginning


My eyes slowly opened."Where am i?... Better yet WHO AM I? What the hell is going on?" I survey my surroundings noticing that i'm in a forest. How did i get here? *Eughhh* my head feels like its exploding. "What's all this knowledge flowing through my brain?"

[A Mutated Rabbit Appeared]

"Wait what? A mutated rabbit? What's that?"

I looked up and locked eyes with the rabbit. It's eyes were read like death, blood dripped from what looked like its fangs. "What the fuck is that monster?" I abruptly stood up as i sensed the killing intent raging from the rabbit. "How can such a little monster produce such a terrifying aura?"

We stood apart looking, no one dared make the first move. It was a standoff. The rabbit charged with light speed.

"Shit... I'm so dead"

My hand reached out subconsciously and i heard a cracking. I braced myself for the agony that will flood onto my hand but nothing.... I slowly opened my eyes, then my eyes became wider and wider until they practically bulged out of my sockets. Red, sticky liquid oozed everywhere onto my hand. Small particles of brain matter splattered across the floor. And that's when i heard it, the sound that would change my life and help me to regain my memories and my life.

[Ding* Congratulations on killing Mutated Rabbit Lvl 1]

[Ding* Experience Gained x500]

[Ding* x500 System Points gained]

[Ding* Level up; Level 2]

[Ding* Stat points increased by +10]

[Ding* Level up; Level 3]

[Ding* Stat points increased by +10]

[Ding* Level up; Level 4]

[Ding* Stat points increased by +10]

[Ding* x18 Stat points free to spend]

[Ding* Starter package unlocked]

[Do you wish to open package?]


"What the fuck is going on?"

That's where my life began, the road opening for me to obtain a new life and hopefully one day regaining my lost past. @@
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