3 Chapter 2: Learning & Adapting
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Author :JakeWJElliott
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3 Chapter 2: Learning & Adapting

I stood dazed as the notifications rang throughout my head. I grasped onto my skull shaking it about as if trying to wake up from a dream. "What's happening?"

[System Startup 100% Complete]

[Welcome Master]

Hmm I'm pretty sure it's talking to me but just to be sure, "Who me?"


"What are you?"

[I am a system designed to help you throughout your journey in this world]

[Try saying "Status" & "Inventory"]

Hmm this seems kinda familiar. Ah well what have i got to lose?



1 x Leather Chest-piece *Dyed Black*

1 x Leather Pants *Dyed Black*

1 x Leather Boots *Dyed Black*

1 x Black Cloak

1 x Black Mask

1 x Iron Sword

1 x System Starter Pack

1 x Gold Coin

5 x Silver Coins

50 x Copper Coins

"Ooh" My eyes sparkled at the sight of all these items. Granted they may not be good but this is my first time experiencing this.... Well i think it is. I guess my favorite color is black. Gahh who knows?

I put on the armor, cloak and mask and admire my self as i look down. I take out the iron sword and practice swinging.

"It feels somewhat natural"

Ok now what else did this 'system' want me to say? Ah that's right!



Name: ???

Level: 4

HP: 57/57

Strength: 51

Speed: 49

Agility: 49

Mana: 150

Magic Power: 55

Unspent Points: 18


<Unknown Lvl?>

System Points: 1500

"Hey system! What are the system points used for and how do i gain them?"

[System points are used to purchase skills, armor, weapons, potions and other products in the shop. You can obtain them by ranking up or by killing beasts. The higher level beast the more points. The higher your rank the more points per level.]

"Ah ok, that's pretty convenient."

"System what's the highest level a human has ever gotten on a skill?"

[The highest level a human has got on a skill is level 6, however this was the hero summoned 1000 years ago, Since then no one has passed 5]

"Ahh alright"

"System what is the currency like in this world?"

[The currency is split into 4 coins. Copper being the lowest, then Silver which is 100 copper, then Gold which is 100 Silver and finally Platinum which is 100 Gold. Only high ranking nobles can afford to have a decent amount of platinum]

"System you said something earlier about a world? What type of world is this?"

[This is a swords & magic world. For 100 system points i can transfer you the basic knowledge of this world if you so wish.]

*Mumbles* My this really is convenient. "Yes please"

[Commencing data transfer]

"AHHHHHH" I clutched my head whilst falling to my knees. The pain is unreal.

[Transfer 100% complete]

"Eugh.... you could've told me it would hurt like hell you heartless system."

[I'm a system... I have no heart]

"Ah fuck you, smartass"
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