5 Chapter 4: The bandit cliche & The city
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Author :JakeWJElliott
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5 Chapter 4: The bandit cliche & The city

"Should i help? She does look kinda good ;)"

[I advise you help.... You will gain greater rewards if you save her]

"I guess yeh.... I am a human after all.... At least i think i am."

I jump out from the trees whilst shooting 3 fireballs. The bandits looked in awe, i guess you can only cast one at a time?


Bandit Leader: "WHO CARES KILL HIM"

Hmm so boring. I draw my sword as it glistens from the moonlight shining upon it.

*Whispers* hmm i wonder

I use my lightning magic and wrap my sword in the purple electricity as it flows within my blade.

"hehehehhe DIE"

I swing my sword as it feels like a paintbrush on a massive canvas. Blood erupted everywhere.

Bandit Leader: "Wha whatt are you??!?!?"

The bandits quickly perished and only the leader remained.

"Huh is that it? Pathetic"

Bandit Leader: "Nnn - No please don't kill me.."

"Are you a fucking retard? 2 minutes ago you sent your shit minions to attack me and you assume i'll let you off. I don't care if you're the fucking king if you threaten me you're my enemy.... And my enemies perish. However i'll let you off..."

Bandit Leader: "Really?? o o h THANK YOU SO MUCH"

The bandit leader proceeds to stand up and run off however he stops and looks down to find an icicle piercing his abdomen.

"You actually thought i'd let you go? Man you really are retarded, i'm gonna enjoy roasting you alive"

I then ignite him with my flames as he suffers and screams.

I walk back to the destroyed carriage to discover that everyone's dead even the guards.

"From what i can see she is royalty and has guards yet they're so fucking useless.... God that's pathetic."

Unknown Girl: "wh wh who are you?"

"Relax missy i'm your savior"

Unknown Girl: "Th - Thank you."

"No problem what's your name?"

Unknown Girl: "I'm sorry but i can't really trust you with that suspicious mask on..."

"I don't wanna take it off... Shouldn't you be more kind to your savior... *mutters* I guess i shouldn't have saved her... so disrespectful"

Unknown Girl: "Nooo noo I'm sorry that was rude you must have an important reason for keeping it on. I'm grateful you saved me."

"It's not really an important reason but if i took it off you'd fall in love with me ;P"

Unknown Girl: Pouts "What are you talking about, Eugh so shameless"

"Hey it's not shameless if it's true")

I proceed to take my mask off to reveal my chiseled, smooth, jade skin with a perfect jaw-line. My eyes reflecting the moonlight, twinkling like the stars and my short, spiky, soft black hair blowing from the breeze stood in front of the girl.

The unknown girl proceeded to gaze up at me as if i was a god and blushed slightly trying to hide it. She swallowed her saliva after she thought "He really is handsome.... I wouldn't mind... NO NO what am i thinking i can't fall for him just like that."

"*Cough* Anyway what's your name?"

Unknown Girl: "Ah you can call me Asuna, what about you?"

"Ah lovely name, and erm i kinda can't remember my name.... I've lost pretty much all my memories and woke up in this forest... hehe *Scratches back of head*"

Asuna: "Oh i'm sorry *Puts head down in embarrassment*"

"No no it's fine, it's not like you did it. ANYWAYS where you heading? Maybe i can escort you, i need to get to a town nearby to register as one of those people that fight monsters. An adventurer if i recall."

Asuna: "Sure thing, it's not too far, if we walk now we'll make it before morning"

...A few hours late....

Guard 1: "Halt"

Guard 2: "Identification"

"Funny story, I don't have any."

Guard 1: "Brat do you think you're funny?"

"Who the fuck you calling brat? I can kill you if i wanted you rude fuck!"

Guard 1: "What did you just say punk?"

The guard marches towards me until he is pulled back. Guard 2 whispers in his ear and the first guard looks shocked.

Guard 1: "*Gets on knees* I'm very sorry princess please forgive me for being rude?"

"*Whispers Who the fuck is he calling prince... Oh her aha... WAIT SHE IS A PRINCESS"

Fuck i knew she was a nobility but a princess... Why were her guards beyond trash then?

Asuna: "It's ok... Just allow me and my friend to pass."

Guard 1: "Of course m'lady... Sorry again :("


As we arrived in the city i asked Asuna where the guild was. She pointed to a large building with a cool logo with swords crossing each other on a shield.

"Guess ill go register... What about you?

Asuna: "Is it ok if i accompany you? I have nothing else to do :)"

"Sure i guess"

We then opened up the doors of the guild and all eyes were on us.

*mumbles* fuck it's because she is here isn't it.....
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