6 Chapter 5: Trouble in the guild
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Author :JakeWJElliott
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6 Chapter 5: Trouble in the guild

"Eugh this attention is killing me."

I walked to the front desk only to bestow my eyes upon a gorgeous young women. My heart skipped a beat as she asked.

Reception lady "Hello sir, how may i help you?"

I took off my mask and replied

"I'm looking to register at the guild."

The receptionist looked me up and down and blushed. "What a handsome young man.. I wouldn't mind being with him..." She bit her lip and saw the rough looking men looking at the young man with fury.

All the men stared at the young man with jealousy, killing intent was then released from most of them. One of the men stood up, he was really muscular and had a scar on his face. He walked over and shouted

"Hey newbie the fuck you think you're doing?"

I replied... "Registering.. What's it look like? You've all done it haven't you?"

As i replied nonchalantly everyone erupted with laughter.

The big man turned red with anger. Especially when the cute receptionist started giggling.

Big man: "BASTARD"

He threw a punch and everyone when silent.

A loud bang was heard and the guild started shaking as if an earthquake occurred.

Everyone opened their eyes in disbelief as they saw that i stopped him.... With my finger.

"Hehe weakling...." I proceeded to cover my fist in flames as i uppercut-ted him. He was sent flying across the guild and burst out the wall. Was he dead or unconscious no one knew, but they felt the power from that fist and they all shut up immediately.

Everyone looked at me in awe. I had a gorgeous face and my power was immense.

Asunas mouth was wide open and I looked back to wink at her and she started blushing.

Then I turned back to the receptionist and smiled, my lips continuously curling upwards as I said

"i'd like to register please."

She looked at me with lustful eyes before she snapped out of her hypnotic state and nodded vigorously.


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